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Breast Augmentation Thailand , Breast Surgery Thailand

Breast augmentation refers to breast implant that refers to alter or enhance the shape or size of woman's breasts. This process is also referred to as breast enlargement and mammoplasty enlargement. For breast augmentation, the most commonly used implant is the breast-tissue expander for various breast reconstruction procedures.

To be more specific, there are two main types of breast implants that are used during breast augmentation. The one kind of implants used is saline-filled implant and the other one is the silicone gel-filled implant. Saline implants are filled with sterile saline liquid and Silicone gel implants are filled of a viscous kind of silicone gel.

Breast implants for the breast augmentation is used mainly for-

- Primary-reconstruction - To make replacement of breast tissues that have been removed because of any of the reason such as trauma or cancer.
- Revision-reconstruction - To make reversionary surgery of the corrective or improvement of original breast augmentation surgery
- Primary-augmentation - To increase the size of the breast for cosmetic up-gradation
- Revision-augmentation - To improve or correct the final result of the breast augmentation surgery

Usually patients who are healthier, younger, and richer and well off prefer to opt for breast augmentation. These patients are very much conscious or rather over conscious about their appearance in different situations and scenarios. They always remain concerned about their appearance and so they decide on for breast augmentation.

It has also been observed that women who go for breast augmentation suffer from low self-esteem. They have high chances of falling into depression and mental illnesses. They also are prone to suicidal attempts and always remain over conscious of their looks and appearances.

After the surgery of breast augmentation, many of the medical surveys have indicated that the mental condition and the health of the patient go through a great improvement and enhancement. Positive changes also are seen over other health issues also such as patient's physical appearance, health, social-life, self esteem, self-confidence, and sexual performance. The breast augmentation if done by an expert surgeon results in satisfactory sustenance of breast implants. The deftly done breast augmentation also renders aesthetic beauty to the patient as per her choice and preferences.

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